Saturday, 13 March 2010

Part 2 - Delivery Day 3

On 11 December, I went to the Centre.

This office was in Piccadilly, I had to sign at the reception to see the person. I signed "messenger" in their book.

Then I went to Selfridges!

It's because of this... to see Santa.

Of course, Santa was busy at this time of year, I couldn't meet him straight away. I had to book a train ticket- Santa Express to the North Pole to meet him. My appointment time was 5.15pm - 5.30pm. Though the staff said that I could only meet him for 5 minutes or less.

I waited in the queue. Exciting...

I got on the train. I saw many elves dancing around. When I got off the train, one of them took me a room where Santa was waiting.

Santa was surprised to receive a card. I was not allowed to take any photos in the room but I explained to Santa that it's for an art project, he said "Go-ahead".

At a gallery near Kings Cross station. The gallery was about to close, the lady wasn't happy about my late delivery as she was in a hurry, but she signed my book. The person who I wanted to deliver the card to wasn't there.

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