Saturday, 13 March 2010

Part 2 - Delivery Day 5 The last day

On 20 December, a bus driver rang saying that my signature book had been found and was kept at Bow Garage E3.

At Bow Garage...

I had to sign to get my pink signature book back!

Then I delivered a card to a person who lives nearby, it was still morning.

He signed the book and offered me a cup of hot coffee:-)

After that, I went to Cyprus!

It wasn't warm Cyprus as I expected. I was heading to University East London near City Airport E16.

At UEL, I was looking for the AVA Building and eventually found it.

Obviously, it was closed. It's Sunday just before Christmas...

No one was around...

I found the security office and handed the card to a security guard. He signed the book and said he would post it to the AVA department but refused when I asked to photograph him.

I went back to Hackney E9. This couple wrote a card to each other.

No one answered here.

Here is the bike I traveled on. I went to this cafe in Dalston E8 to deliver a card.

A lady at the cafe signed my book.

It was still early afternoon so I took a bus to the South London - Nunhead SE15.
I was told it was an urban bear's habitat but in late December obviously he was hibernating. No one answered, I left the card there. I hoped he could open it before spring.

I went back to Hackney E5. This was the last card delivered. No one was there.

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