Saturday, 13 March 2010

Part 2 - Delivery Day 4

On 19 December, I went back to Kings Cross again as I couldn't find this address last time because the building name was missing on the card. Unluckily, I also lost my signature book on the bus on my way there, it has all the contact details of those who made the cards. No one answered at the entrance of the estate, so I sneaked in the building when someone was going out. I was still not sure that it was the right address to deliver to but then I saw the boy who wrote the card running up the stairs to visit his dad!

This address was very hard to find... in Camden.

Then I was heading North, to Highgate N6.

In Highgate he said to me "Thank you and safe journey".

The road was frozen and slippery.

I went to Islington N1, no one answered but a dog was barking in the garden. It was before 6pm and already dark.

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